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Customized Programs designed by our Doctor of Physical Therapy & Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists - World-Class Coaches - Injury Recovery

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Personal Training

Our personal training sessions are designed to cater more to your individual needs and goals, providing you undivided, 1 on 1 attention to help optimize your progress towards your goals.

Return to Sport

Our Return to Sports Rehab is designed by Derrick Nguyen, PT, DPT, CSCS to effectively bridge the gap between rehab and return to sport for our athletes. Far too often, return to sport rehab in the traditional physical therapy clinic falls short of adequately preparing our athletes for the demands of their sport. Our program is designed to maximize athletic preparedness and significantly decrease risk of re-injury by integrating evidence-based practice and the principles of strength & conditioning into the rehab program, in addition to addressing the mental preparedness of our athletes. For our athletes looking to receive the highest quality of physical therapy to return to sport better than before, this is the program for you. 

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Small Group Classes

General Health: Group class designed to maximize the movement potential of our members. The class integrates resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning into succinct 50 minute sessions that will allow our members to establish a physical foundation to help them handle the rigors of everyday life!

Sport Specific: Programs designed to help our young athletes explore and build upon their physical foundations to help maximize their potential as athletes and reduce their risk of injuries, while giving them the plethora of benefits from resistance training under the trained eyes of our professionals. 

Semi-Private Athletic Development

Designed  to address more sport specific needs of our athletes. This program is intended to help further develop our athlete's strengths and minimize any weakness to build a more complete athlete capable of dominating the competition. Program begins with a general physical prep and then an individual program created separately for each athlete with their personalized athletic goals.

Occupancy: Minimum 2- Maximum 4 athletes.

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