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True Whole Body Cryotherapy

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The healing effect of cold has been known and proven itself effective for centuries. Cold therapy is nowadays of great importance in physical therapy, sports medicine but also in generalized wellness and health. 

The icelab consists of 3 temperature chambers, set at three different levels- starting at a cool -10C, leading though to -60C, and finally the big chill at -110C.


True Whole Body Cryotherapy has been utilized by elite athletes and pro teams for quicker recovery. Whole Body Cryotherapy has been used internationally for years and is now being used more nationally. Whole Body Cryotherapy is being used for pain management, inflammation, energy, and stress related conditions.


Zimmer Medizin Systems is the World Wide Leader in True -110*C Whole Body Chambers and has now been brought to the US.


Come try the FIRST 3-chamber True Whole Body Cryochamber in the US. Our chamber does what other's claim to do.


Icelab is the ultimate true whole body cryotherapy experience and the ultimate feel-good factor.




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