Stretching, Flexibility and Strength

Objectives and/or benefits:

* Improves posture & body alignment

* Relief from back pain

* Increase flexibility & strength

* Full body mobility & atrophy prevention

* Please bring mat, towel & water

What it it?

This program trains the muscles to be equally as flexible as they are strong. Muscles are being lengthened to gain maximal flexibility to rebalance all muscles and joints while improving strength.

Classes & Pricing

* Monday & Wednesday 7pm-8pm (STARTS 09/18)

* $10 for current long term clients

* $10 for first time visit/walk-in

* $15 single session

* $96 for a package of 8 classes     (expires in 45 days)

Candy Juliann

Essentrics Certified 

Candy Julian has been actively involved in the fitness industry working for 25 years. Candy is a Certified American Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Personal Trainer and Group X instructor.


Candy is also a Certified Essentrics Trainer which is her passion, helping people to achieve flexibility and strength. Candy believes that people need to take more time in their lives to stretch and release tension. In her off time, Candy enjoys sports, movies and food.